Fowler School District Guidance Office

The Guidance Office exists within the Fowler School District to assist students with a variety of issues that can arise anywhere in between the time of enrollment and graduation or beyond. The goal of the office is to work with students to help them meet their own individual goals and to help them solve the "puzzles" in their lives.

The Guidance Office offers assistance to students in 3 primary areas:

  • Educational/Academic Development

  • Career Development

  • Personal and Social Development

To help meet the needs in these areas, many different programs are offered out of the Guidance Office, including but certainly not limited to the following:

  • Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP)

  • Testing

  • Tutoring

  • Career Planning

  • Job Planning/Application

  • College Planning/Application

  • General Information Sharing

  • Selective Service Registration Assistance

Advising Presentation - Explained

4 months ago

Advising Presentation Education is a major undertaking and involves a fair number of "moving parts" to make the machine work well and to have an outcome which is beneficial to all involved.  This presentation is an outline of the major issues affecting high school students as they consider how to reach their career goals through graduation.   

Click the blue "Advising Presentation" above and open the document with Googledocs for the presentation to display correctly.

 Page 1 - The first page on this presentation gives an overview of the material we want parents to consider in regards to student futures.  Concurrent credit is the situation in which students earn both high school and college credit for the same course.  Please see the Guidance page for a list of concurrent courses offered at Fowler High School.  Careers in Colorado is a website which helps individuals look at career pathways to help them be as successful as possible in their chosen career.  There are also a few brief points on the military and the ASVAB assessment.  Beginning in the fall of 2018, all juniors and seniors will be encouraged to take the ASVAB assessment for career exploration and as a possible manner by which to meet the minimum graduation requirements.

Page 2 - Students must meet requirements in high school for a variety of differing ideals, such as graduation requirements from Fowler High School, colleges, and entities regulating college sports participation.

Page 3 - Students at Fowler High School can meet graduation and other requirements through coursework from a variety of different organizations.

Page 4 - Coursework taken through a college such as Otero Junior College can vary in cost to students and families.

Confidentiality Notification

NOTE: Confidentiality cannot be ensured to the same level in an online platform. Both student and counselor should make every effort to ensure privacy for online discussions, whether verbal or written, and to be aware of others around when discussing sensitive material.

Information discussed with the counselor is kept confidential with few exceptions, including when a student might be a threat to self or others, in cases involving child or elder abuse or neglect, and in situations when parent involvement would be beneficial to the student. (Efforts are made to involve the student should notification of anyone outside of the Guidance Office be necessary.)